This is the page where people duel to obtain admin status with the approval of Vizor

The Roll of the dice Determins Your Stats Before the Duel Starts

Dice Life Points Cards in hand
1 (Set) 8000 2
2 (Set) 12000 1
3 (Set) 16000 4
4 (Set) 20000 3
5 (Set) 24000 1
6 (Set) 28000 1

You must either beat your opponent's Life points to 0 or complete his/her victory condition

For Victory Conditions, you can only destroy/remove your opponents Ace monster in Battle with the element it's weakest to

Also on the 10th turn of the duel, Heaven's ace monster is automatically summoned to the field and it's summoning conditions are negated for the remainder of the duel

Element Strongest Element Weakest
Water Fire
Fire Earth
Earth Wind
Wind Dark
Dark Light
Light Water

Ace monster is Driven Daredevil Admin Duel Archive