The Duel Between Admin Vizor Vs. Heaven Satoshi

The Fight For Admin Status Rules

Vizor (Lp 10000, 7 cards at start) Heaven (Lp 8000, 5 cards at start)

Turn 1: Heaven

Send (Hecatrice) From hand to graveyard to add (Valhalla, hall of the fallen) to hand

Activate (Valhallah, hall of the fallen) to special summon (Arcana Force XXI - The World) Atk 3100

(Arcana Force XXI - The World) Effect is heads

(Clear World) Hand is (Solemn Judgement), (Battle Mania), (Heavy Storm), (Monster Reborn)

Set 2 Cards

Turn 2: Vizor

Set 1 monster

Set 4 S/t Cards

Turn 3: Heaven

(Clear World) hand is (Metaion the timelord), (Heavy Storm), (Monster Reborn)

Turn 4: Vizor

Set 1 monster

Turn 5: Heaven

(Clear World) hand is (Hibikime), (Heavy storm), (monster Reborn), (Metaion the timelord)

Summon (Hibikime) Atk 1450

(Arcana Force XXI - The World) attacks (Grow up bulb)

(Hibikime) attacks (TG war wolf)

Vizor activates (TG War Wolf) to add (TG Rush Rhino) To hand

Turn 6: Vizor

Heaven activates (Battle mania)

Summon (TG Cyber magician)

(Cyber magician) tunes with (Rush rhino) to synchro summon (TG hyper Librarian)

Heaven Activates (Solemn Judgement) (Heaven Lp 4000) to destroy (TG Hyper Librarian)

Activates (Solemn Judgement) (Vizor Lp 5000) to negate (Solemn Judgement)

Special Summon (Grow Up Bulb)

Activates (Monster Reborn) to summon (TG War wolf)

(Grow Up Bulb) tunes with (War wolf) to synchro summon (Armory Arm) Atk 1800

(TG Hyper Librarian) Draw one Card

Equip's (Armory Arm) to (TG Hyper Librarian) Atk 3400

(TG Hyper Librarian) attacks (Arcana Force XXI - The World) (Heaven Lp 600)

Turn 7: Heaven

Activate (Heavy Storm) to destroy all Spell and trap cards

Vizor activaes (Starlight Road) to negate (Heavy Storm) and Special Summon (Stardust Dragon) Atk 2500

Activate (Monster Reborn) to revive (Arcana Force XXI - The World)

Vizor Activates (Solemn Judement) (Lp 2500) to negate (Monster Reborn)

Summon (Dance Princess Of The ice Barrier) Atk 1700

Overly (Hibikime) and (Dance Princess Of the Ice Barrier) to Xyz Summon (Number 39 Utopia)

Overly (Number 39 Utopia) to Xyz Summon (Chaos Number 39 Utopia Ray) atk 2500

(Utopia Ray) uses 3 Overly Units to raise his attack by 1500 (Atk 4000) and reduce (TG Hyper Librarian) attack by 3000 (Atk 400)

(Utopia Ray) Attacks (TG Hyper Librarian) (Vizor Lp 0)

Heaven Satoshi Wins the Duel and Admin status