Hey guys! This is Vizor, the founder of the Yu-gi-oh Dueling SQuad Wiki, and I need some help with my decks! I can help out any people who ask as well, so just post a comment telling me your deck and your problem/ what you would like it to be. This can range from a broad term such as "Improvement" of being more specific with a term like "I want this to counter a Dino Rabbit deck". Also, posting your deck would be helpful to others as well. I, as well as others, can reccomend cards you do not own, but do not feel the need to go out and buy the card unless you want to. Also, we reccomend cards for you based on the correct and current format unless you specify Traditional. I will post my decks sometime this week, and I will await your answers!

1/23/13 TechGenusMaster (talk)

Also, my first deck I need help with is my Inzektors! (A heads up for you, and any tips would be great. This is my first decklist being posted and thanks in advance for the help!)