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This is my little section where you can learn about me and my interests.

A strong duelist who just wants to protect his allies. Creator of many different decks that seem unreal and unique in its own way.

Also have a method of getting extreme luck when it's not even needed

Jack Atlas

The ruler of this forum. His Majesty, Jack Atlas, aka Heaven.

11/3/12 i bought the hiretic tin for 18 dollars and got photon strike bounzer, galaxy eyes photon dragon, photon paliophorite, xyz reborn, and inzektor exa stag

11/6/12 Presidential election (Romney 201) (Obama 274) If obama wins i'm not going to date anybody in my school. If romney wins, going to kiss the girl i'm in love with not just to kiss her, cause i want her to be the first person that i kissed. Obama won, my love life is done, Peace

11/8/12 Found a booster pack of Galactic Overlord i forgot to open and opened it and found not one but 2 Cardcar D's WTH with that

12/12/12 The most unbelievable thing happened to me that day, Vizor in love with girls now, wondering how his love life is going to develop and how badly it will end with one of the girls he told me about

12/21/12 I believe i have a chance with this girl that i'm interested in dating but it makes me feel uneasy since just being with her gets me excited but not in the way you perv's think cause i'm not that type of guy but i do not want to ruin our friendship so i'm wondering what i should do in this situation

1/1/13 Why do i have the most perverted dreams possible, and i don't even want to do what i do in my dreams cause they are messed up in some odd way

2/14/13 Got my First kiss on this day and Got D.N Angel in the mail as well, what else could be better

3/19/13 I have this crazy chick who is in love with me and wants to marry me right away and when i go to hug her, she backs away. (SHE IS CRAZY)

6/1/13 Pulled Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack

6/2/13 Pulled Harpie's Channeler

8/28/13 Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier Sketch has been completed

9/1/13 Tech Genes Wonder Magician Sketch has been completed

1/25/14 Lost a round in a tournament because i wasn't informed that the duel went into time

1/26/14 Became a corrupted fairy user

7/25/14 New message in over half a year and me and paradox are now communicating through Xbox

IMG 20130829 223246

Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier

IMG 20130901 232739

T.G. Wonder Magician

IMG 20131001 200025

To Kyaa Charmander

IMG 20130930 221758-1

Purple Heart Neptune

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