Turn 1: Haldor

Summon Flamvell Firedog Atk 1900

Set 2 Cards

Turn 2: Heaven

Activates Heavy Storm Haldor Counters with Dark Bribe

Activates Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy set card

Activates Lightning Vortex sends Dark Magician Girl to graveyard to destroy all face up monsters Haldor controls

Activates (Vahallah hall of the fallen) to special summon (the agent of judgement saturn) Atk 2400

Activates (Monster Reborn) to bring back (Dark Magician Girl) Atk 2000

(Dark Magician Girl) Attacks Haldor Directly (Haldor Lp 6000)

(The agent of judgement saturn) attacks Haldor Directly (Haldor Lp 3600)

Overly (Dark magician girl) and (the agent of judgement saturn) to Xyz summon (Photon Strike Bounzer) Atk 2700

Turn 3: Haldor

Sets 1 monster

Turn 4: Heaven

Sets 1 card

(Photon Strike Bounzer) Attacks set monster (Laval miller)

Haldor activates (Laval miller) to send (laval lancelord) and (laval forest sprite) to the graveyard

Turn 5: Haldor

Activates (Heavy Storm)

Activates (Rekindling) to special summon (Laval lancelord), (laval forest sprite), (flamvell firedog)

Summons (Laval Coati)

Tunes (Laval coati) and (Laval lancelord) to synchro summon (Red Dragon Archfiend) Atk 3000

Tunes (Laval forest sprite) and (flamvell fire dog) to synchro summon (Laval the greater) Atk 2400

(Laval the greater) effect activates, Heaven activates (photon strike bounzer) to negate it and deal 1000 damage (Haldor Lp 2600)

(Laval forest sprite) effect activates to give all laval monsters 200 atk for each laval in graveyard (Laval the greater) Atk 3200

(Red dragon archfiend) attacks (photon strike bounzer) (Heaven Lp 7700)

(Laval the greater) attacks directly (Heaven Lp 4500)

Turn 6: Heaven

Special summons (Temporal Machine god Metaion) Atk 0

(Temporal machine god metaion) attacks (red dragon archfiend)

(Temporal machine god metaion) effect activates to return all other cards on the field back to the owner's hand and deal 300 damage for each one (Haldor Lp 2000)

Turn 7: Haldor

Sets 1 card

Summon (Laval magma cannoneer) Atk 1700

Turn 8: Heaven

(Temporal machine god Metaion) returns to the deck and shuffled

Sets 1 card

Turn 9: Haldor

Summons (Flamvell fire dog) Atk 1900

(Flamvell Fire dog) attacks directly, Heaven activates (Mirror force)

Activates (Return from the different dimention) (Haldor Lp 1000) to special summon (laval lancelord) Atk 2100, (laval forest sprite) Atk 300, (Flamvell firedog) Atk 1900

(laval lancelord) attacks directly (Heaven Lp 2400)

(flamvell fire dog) attacks directly (Heaven Lp 500)

(laval forest sprite) attacks directly (Heaven Lp 200)

Tunes (laval lancelord) and (laval forest sprite) to summon (Red Dragon archfiend) Atk 3000

set 1 card

(Return from the different dimension) removes all monsters summoned through this effect

Turn 10: Heaven

Summons (Cyber tutu) Atk 1000

(Cyber tutu) attacks directly, Haldor activates (Searing fire wall) to summon 2 laval tokens Atk 0

Turn 11: Haldor

(Red dragon archfiend) attacks (Cyber tutu) (Heaven Lp 0)

Haldor Wins