Turn 1 Ulqurow :

Set 1 monster

Set 1 s/t card

Turn 2 Heaven:

Remove from play (The agent of Judgement saturn) to Special Summon (Master Hyperion) Atk 2700

Set 3 s/t

Turn 3 Ulqurow:

Set 1 monster

Set 2 s/t cards

Turn 4 Heaven:

Set 1 s/t card

Turn 5 Ulqurow:

Set 1 monster

Heaven Activates (Scapegoat) 4 Sheep Tokens Def 0

Turn 6 Heaven:

Tributes 3 Sheep tokens To special summon (Arcana Force Ex The Light Ruler) Atk 4000

Ulqurow activates (Bottomless Trap Hole) to destroy and remove from play (Arcana Force Ex The light Ruler)

Turn 7: Ulqurow

Flip Summons (Man Eater Bug) Atk 450 to destroy (Master Hyperion)

Tributes (Man Eater Bug) to Summon (Summoned Skull) Atk 2500

(Summoned skull) attacks sheep token

Heaven activates (Scrap iron scarecrow) to negate (Summoned skull) attack

Activates (Mystical space typhoon) to destroy (Scrap iron Scarecrow)

Heaven activates (Judgement of anubus) to negate and destroy (Mystical space typhoon), then destroy's (Summoned skull) and deal damage equal to it's attack (Ulqurow Lp 5500)

Activates (Mystical space typhoon) to destroy (Scrap iron Scarecrow)

Heaven activates (Dust tornado) to destory (Marshmallon Glasses)

Turn 8: Heaven

Summon (Dance princess of the ice barrier) Atk 1700

(Dance princess of the ice barrier) Attacks directly (Ulqurow Lp 3800)

Turn 9 :Ulqurow

Activates (Call of the haunted) to Special summon (Summoned Skull) Atk 2500

Activates (Axe of Despair) to equip to (Summoned Skull) Atk 3500

(Summoned Skull) attacks (Dance Princess of the ice barrier) (Heaven Lp 6200)

Set 1 s/t card

Turn 10: Heaven

Switch Sheep token to Attack Mode Atk 0

Activates (Creature Swap)

"Ulqurow gets Sheep token Atk 0" "Heaven gets (Summoned Skull) Atk 3500"

(Summoned Skull) attacks Sheep Token

Ulqurow activates (Draining Shield) to negate (summoned skull) attack and gain Lp (Ulqurow Lp 7300)

Turn 11: Ulqurow

set 1 s/t

switch sheep token to defense mode

Turn 12: Heaven

(Summoned Skull) attacks sheep token

Turn 13: Ulqurow

Activates (Mausleum of the Emperor), Pays 2000 Life poinrs (Ulqurow Lp 5300) to summon (Blue eyes white dragon) Atk 3000

sets 1 s/t

Turn 14: Heaven

Activate (Heavy Storm) to destroy all s/t cards

set 1 s/t card

Turn 15: Ulqurow

Activate (Pot of Greed)

(Blue Eyes White Dragon) attacks directly

Heaven activates (Mirror Force) to destory all Attack monster

Turn 16: Heaven

Summon (Gagaga magician) Atk 1500

(Gagaga magician) attacks driectly (Ulqurow Lp 3800)

Duel Ends with no winner (Heaven Lp 6800) (Ulqurow Lp 3800)