This is my "Fire Lord Deck". It is still under construction, but I will glady do battle with anyone that wants to fight the current version.


Fire King High Avatar Garunix x1

Sacred Pheonix of Nephthys x1

Fire King Avatar Barong x1

Fire King Avatar Kinrin x1

Laval Miller x2

Kayenn, The Master Magma Blacksmith x2

Laval Coatl x2

Laval Burner x2

Laval Lancelord x2

Laval Magma Cannoneer x2

Laval Forest Sprite x2

Flamvell Firedog x2

Flamvell Archer x2

Flamvell Magician x2


Onslaught Of The Fire Kings x1

Circle Of The Fire Kings x1

Rekindling x2

Lightning Vortex x1

Pot Of Duality x1

Card Destruction x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Burial From A Different Dimension x1

Molten Destruction x2


Backfire x2

Kickfire x1

Nightmare Wheel x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Pheonix Wing Wind Blast x1

Regretful Rebirth x1

Mirror Force x1

Call Of The Haunted x1

Flamvell Counter x1

Dark Bribe x1

Extra DeckEdit

Red Dragon Archfiend x1

Ancient Flamvell Deity x1

Lavalval Dragon x1

Laval The Greater x1

Laval Dual Slasher x1

Laval Stennon x1

Lavalval Ignis x1

Wind-up Zenmaines x1

Infernal Flame Vixen x1

Grenosuarus x1

Number 61: Volcasaurus x1

If you have any suggestions or tips make sure to leave a comment.