Admin Duel Rules

Vizor, the Champion’s Layout:

7 Cards

10000 Life Points



The Challenger’s Layout:

5 Cards

8000 Life Points



Perks For The Champion Admin

Duel Master

The Admin does not lose this duel when he loses this monster.

The challenger does not have an Ace Monster.

The Admin’s Ace Monster ace monster must have less than 3500 Attack.

The Summoning Conditions do not apply to this monster.

By paying half of his life points, the Admin may summon his ace form anywhere, be it hand, deck, graveyard, extra deck, or banished, AFTER it has already been summoned the first time.

This first time has no cost.



Perks For Challenger:

You may choose to go first.

The Admin may not summon his Ace Monster until 5 turns have passed.

The Admin may not attack until you have attacked first; this effect becomes void if you not have attacked within your first 3 turns.

The Ace Monster is suspectable to all cards; the Ace is not immune to any element or card effect unless his effect says so.



Clear World is in effect for the Challenger only.

The Admin must discard 1 card to attack(s) with his ace monster; one card allows attacking for the whole turn; Ex. Machine Lord Ur could attack the whole turn just by discarding one card.

Also, there is no cost for Clear World.